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Parldigi Masterclass

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18. March 2024

The number of cyberattacks has risen sharply in recent years and poses major challenges for government institutions, companies, and the general public. The topic of cyber security is therefore becoming increasingly important.

In this context, restrictive measures are often imposed on people. CYRENZH co-lead Dr. Melanie Knieps from the Digital Society Initiative (DSI) at the University of Zurich explains in this Parldigi Masterclass why restrictive measures do not necessarily support people, but often have the opposite effect. She also shows how good working conditions can improve cyber security and what role politics can play in this regard. Prof. Dr. Endre Bangerter, Co-Head of the Institute for Cybersecurity and Engineering at Bern University of Applied Sciences, explained what is behind the cyberattacks that attract so much media attention and how they can be addressed. He shed light on the structure of cyberattacks, the actors behind them, and their motives.

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