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Interdisciplinary Cyber Lunch: Reflecting the insights

Interdisciplinary Cyber Lunch: Reflecting the insights Article Image

7. May 2024

Our inaugural “Unlocking Insights: Interdisciplinary Cybersecurity Lunch Talks Series” event was a testament to the power of collaboration, with a dozen attendees from both research and practical backgrounds coming together for an engaging discussion. Held online, the event provided a platform for cybersecurity enthusiasts to share, deliberate, and refine their ideas, marking the beginning of a promising journey toward innovative solutions.

I took the opportunity to present the first paper of my dissertation, titled “Re-thinking Decision-Making in Cybersecurity: Leveraging Cognitive Heuristics in Situations of Uncertainty “. This paper challenges the prevailing notion that individuals’ insecure behavior stems solely from their reliance on cognitive heuristics. Instead, it proposes a paradigm shift in how we view cognitive heuristics within the cybersecurity context. Drawing from successful applications in other domains, the paper argues for leveraging them as valuable tools in navigating uncertain environments like cybersecurity. By embracing these heuristics rather than suppressing them, we can enhance decision-making processes and better address cyber threats. The paper provides insights into potential applications of heuristic decision-making in cybersecurity, such as phishing detection and incident response, while discussing avenues for discovering or developing effective heuristics tailored to the cybersecurity domain.

One of the key discussions this talk spawned revolved around the practical implementation of cybersecurity solutions within organizations. Participants deliberated on whether a top-down or bottom-up approach is more effective and what those two approaches need to be successful.

Another engaging conversation centered on the exploitability of cognitive heuristics and strategies to address dysfunctional ones. Participants explored the nuances of leveraging heuristics to enhance decision-making in uncertain cyber environments while mitigating potential risks associated with biased or flawed reasoning.

Beyond these focal points, the event was a rich learning experience that underscored the value of interdisciplinary collaboration in shaping the future of cybersecurity. Participants left with a renewed sense of inspiration and a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities inherent in this dynamic field.

As we reflect on the success of our inaugural event, we look forward to future sessions that promise to further enrich our collective understanding and contribute to the advancement of cybersecurity research and practice. Stay tuned for updates on upcoming talks, and join us as we continue to unlock insights and drive innovation in the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity.

Author: Thierry Schaltegger