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Cybersecurity Clinic

Cybersecurity Clinic Article Image

9. February 2024

Cybersecurity experts are lacking in number and diversity of skills. The “Cybersecurity Clinic” concept, first conceptualized by the Cybersecurity Consortium at Berkeley and financially supported by Google, tries to tackle this issue by engaging students from various backgrounds. Under the supervision of competent facilitators – experts from academia and the industry – the cyberclinic seeks to provide services to clients such as SMEs, Startups, and NGOs that do not otherwise have the resources to manage their organizations’ security.

The clinic concepts perfectly fits the mission of CYRENZH , a DSI Cybersecurity Community Project, which is to establish a structure that can sustainably increase the cyber resilience in the Canton of Zurich, thereby strengthening and protecting its economy and society. In a workshop with our network on 25. January 2024, we focused on the question what services we could offer that add value for potential clients in Zurich and, at the same time, provide a valuable learning experience for students.

The main takeaways will follow soon on the CYRENZH website!