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Cyber Lunches

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26. February 2024

🔒 Unlocking Insights: Interdisciplinary Cybersecurity Lunch Talks Series 🔒

Join our quarterly lunch series where cybersecurity researchers converge to share, discuss, and refine their work. Explore interdisciplinary perspectives, present your projects, and foster connections in this collaborative environment. Elevate your understanding and contribute to shaping the future of cybersecurity. Stay tuned for upcoming sessions and opportunities to engage!

Dates 2024 are:

18. April 2024, 12-13h

11. July 2024, 12-13h

3. October 2024, 12-13h

28. November 2024, 12-13h

In the first event of this series, Thierry Schaltegger presents his work challenging traditional cybersecurity paradigms. We will discuss how cognitive heuristics, often dismissed, can revolutionize cyber threat mitigation by leveraging them to enhance decision-making in uncertain cyber environments.

These events are online, no need to register! Find all the info here: