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Ph. D.

Anastasija Collen

Anastasija Collen is a Senior Researcher at the University of Geneva. She has received her Ph.D. degree in information systems from the University of Geneva in the domain of automated risk assessment. She is an experienced research and development engineer with a strong knowledge of web oriented and mobile technologies, focusing primarily on the fields of privacy and security. Dr. Collen is a member of the Director Board of InfoSec continuous education program in information security and the co-director of the Information Security Group (I-Sec Lab). Her current research interests include the development of the cybersecurity and privacy protection solutions leveraging various aspects of human factors. She is actively engaged in multiple EU-funded projects, including GHOST, nIoVe, ULTIMO, OPEVA, ENFLATE, AutoTRUST, integrating research findings on cybersecurity, risk assessment and data privacy within IoT-enabled ecosystems, ranging from smart homes and automated vehicles to the overarching smart cities infrastructure.


University of Geneva
Anastasija Collen Portrait View